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Our previous article discussed ways you can protect your home while traveling.  This article will dig a little deeper and offer strategies you can use to make your home less attractive to burglars. Install a residential security system A residential security system is something most burglars avoid like the plague.  Many burglars also assume that […]

This time of year is open season for criminals. Vacations and business travel can keep you out of town for extended periods of time, making your home the perfect target.  ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm is dedicated to helping you keep your home secure and safe, especially while you are traveling. Outdoor security cameras, smart […]

Our previous article covered some ways in which smart home systems benefit pets.  We discussed how a monitored residential security system can save the life of your pets by dispatching help in the event of a burglary or fire while your pets are home alone.  We also touched on the environmental features of smart home […]

Pets are part of your family. Pet owners sometimes need to leave their furry family members home for extended periods of time.  Smart home systems provide a variety of features that offer pet owners peace of mind while their pets are home alone.   Let’s take a look: Protection Smart home security systems can alert you […]

When it comes to smart home systems, experience does matter.  ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm prides ourselves on our expertise.  We are detail-oriented and customize our smart home systems to fit the unique needs of each client.  Let’s take a look at some of the aspects we take into consideration when configuring our smart home […]

ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm offers the latest technologies in home security systems, smart home systems and security cameras.  Our Video Analytics has become very popular with our clients because of its ability to deliver customized video alerts that are “smarter” than ever before. Video Analytics technology is built-in to our security cameras.  This technology […]

Our last article offered an overview of smart home automation Geo-Services.  Let’s take a look at some key benefits of smart home systems equipped with Geo-Services Energy savings You would be amazed at just how much adjusting your thermostat while you are away can impact your electric bill.  Most people set their thermostat a few […]

Our smart home automation is powered by alarm.com, one of the most reliable and respected smart home systems on the market today.  The interactive smartphone app allows you to control all of your smart home automation elements, including lights, garage doors, door locks, thermostat, indoor/outdoor security cameras and more. Perhaps the most impressive and attractive […]

Our last article discussed how smart home automation is convenient and easy to use and also allows remote access to your home while you are away. Today, we will take a closer look at some additional benefits of smart home systems. Real-Time Notifications Our smart home systems allow you to receive real-time notifications to monitor […]

Smart home automation is trending as more and more homeowners discover the benefits of this forward-thinking technology.  ABC Fire & Burglar specializes in smart home automation systems, offering the most advanced, user-friendly options on the market.  Our smart home systems feature both security and home control in one convenient package so there is no need […]