Components of Smart Home Systems

smart home automation

(Part One)

ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm is a premier residential alarm company that has installed smart home systems throughout New Orleans and surrounding areas including Slidell, Metairie, Covington and Houma. While some customers are apprehensive about smart home automation, we find that once they have a comprehensive understanding of how smart home systems can improve their lives, they are very open to learning more.  Our next series of articles will discuss some of the components and options available with smart home systems.

Control Panel

Just like a traditional residential security system, smart home systems also have a centralized control panel. We generally install this control panel at a convenient location in your home, such as near the front door.  This control panel complements the mobile app which is addressed in the next section.

Mobile App

Our smart home systems can be accessed and controlled via a mobile app.  A traditional residential security system only alerts you when an alarm occurs.  A smart home automation system allows you to set alerts, monitor security cameras, control your garage door, locks, lights, and thermostat, receive notifications when someone arms or disarms your residential security system and more.


Our smart home automation system is also a fully functional residential security system complete with alarm and alerts.  Security cameras can be integrated for added protection.

Smart Locks

Smart locks can be controlled with our smart home automation mobile app. Lock and unlock your doors from virtually anywhere.  No more worries about the kids forgetting their keys.  Having a package delivered?  You can remotely unlock the door for a neighbor to bring it inside. You can even set time-limited access codes for visitors and guests. Once you use smart locks, you will never want to go back to traditional locks again!


Our next article will cover additional smart home automation components. Not every residential alarm company is qualified to install smart home systems. We pride ourselves on offering the latest technologies at affordable prices. If you are ready to take the next step in protecting your home and family, give us a call today.