Are you unknowingly inviting crime into your business? It is a real possibility and one you should consider. Every day, small and medium businesses in New Orleans encounter crimes that could have been avoided if they had taken the right measures. It’s time to upgrade your small and medium business security systems. Not Having The […]

We love New Orleans. It is our home, our community, and our life. Like you, we at ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm are concerned over continued news of rising crime rates. While we know that our community is, at its core, a wonderful, vibrant, and beautiful community, we also realize that we deal with problems […]

Yes, we’ve heard the arguments for old-school doorbells. They do exactly what they are supposed to– let you know someone is at the door. They’re simple. Timeless. Why mess with what works, right?  Because there are VIDEO doorbells.  Initially, the idea of a smart doorbell might seem silly to the uninitiated. But ask anyone who […]

Home burglaries are unexpected but are they unpredictable? Not quite. While criminals are opportunistic, they are also calculated and prepared to take advantage of known weaknesses. There are many commonalities between homes that are targeted for burglary and other crimes. When you learn how criminals target homes, you can take steps to make changes and […]