There was a time when just locking the doors to your business was enough. At most, businesses in more crime-prone areas used a blaring alarm to send criminals on the run. Seems like something out of a movie, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, gone are the days when commercial security was merely an option. Professional commercial security […]

Like any other metropolitan area in the country, New Orleans has its fair share of home alarm companies. Of course, you want the best protection you can get for your household, but how do you know which is the best home security company for your needs?  While there are many home security system providers, not […]

Different types of businesses require different types of security, especially retail. Retail storefronts have unique security needs and often require more than a basic security system. Read more about the top tips to help secure your retail business. Access Control One of the best ways to secure your retail business is to control access to […]

For any retail business in New Orleans, local alarm systems are a major concern. However, security systems play an important role in fighting the common crimes retail businesses face.  What Are the Most Common Retail Crimes?  Retailers face many types of crimes, but we will focus on the most common crimes, theft, and fraud. According […]

For those wanting to install home security systems in New Orleans, one of the first steps is understanding video surveillance cameras. You may have read our blog and discovered that security cameras are well worth the investment.  They deter crime, increase home value, provide evidence, and can help decrease insurance costs. But you may still […]

The employees of your company are what keep your business going. It is important to  help your employees feel secure at work. Learn how a commercial security system can make your employees feel protected.   Secure the Property To ensure your employees feel secure, have a commercial security system professionally installed. Add contact sensors to all entrances and exits and to any rooms you would like to be monitored. Smart […]

When is the last time you considered to upgrade your business security system? Protecting your business has come a long way from just alarm panels and CCTV camera systems. Check out these advanced features you can add to your business’s security system.    View and Control from Anywhere Gone are the days where you could only control your business alarm system from the […]

2021 is coming to an end. Over the past year, we have been proud to provide the latest security knowledge and tips as the local leader in home and small business security.  Check out our top home security blogs from the past year about smart home solutions, security camera systems, home security systems, and business security systems.     Tips to Help You Feel Safer in Your Home  Whether you […]

Holiday shopping is well underway! As foot traffic increases at your storefront this holiday season, your business becomes more vulnerable to security threats. Learn how you can protect your business with a commercial security system.    Commercial Alarm Monitoring Commercial alarm systems are always great for keeping your retail store monitored 24/7 and especially during the holiday shopping season. With our […]

Business owners play a key role in keeping our communities safe. By protecting your business from crime you are not only keeping your assets and employees safe, but you are also making your community a safer place to live. Learn how you can prevent crime at your business with a commercial security system.  Secure Your Building Securing access to your building is […]