Smart Lights

outside of house with smart light
ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm, LLC support a range of Z-Wave light controls. Supported Z-Wave smart light controls include Z-Wave plug-in light and appliance modules, Z-Wave in-wall switches and dimmers, Z-Wave outlets,  and Z-Wave light bulbs.


  • Send commands to turn lights on/off and set the dimming level.
  • Create scenes that include turning lights on/off or setting the dim level.
  • Create automated light schedules to have specific lights turn on, off, or dim at certain times, including sunrise and sunset, for specified lengths of time.
  • Create rules so a specific light turns on if a certain sensor is activated.
  • Create event-triggered light rules based on arming/disarming and system activity, and also set up custom automation rules
  • For a full list of supported Z-Wave Smart Lighting Devices, please call our office at (504)889-9795.