Keeping Your Children Safe at Home While You Are Away


Smart Home Automation

Part One

Parents are often uneasy when they leave their children home alone, especially when older children are watching the younger children.  Smart home automation has taken the residential security system industry to the next level and literally transformed how we interact with and monitor our children when they are home alone.  Smart home systems integrated with indoor and outdoor security cameras, alarm monitoring and other features can help ease our minds. Below are some tips to help ensure your kids are safe at home while you are away.

Establish Rules for When They are Home Alone

It is a good practice to establish ground rules for when your children are home alone.  For instance, what appliances are they allowed to use?  Are they permitted to have friends over and if so, which ones?  When can they answer the door?  If you have indoor and outdoor security cameras, you can monitor the activities inside your home to ensure the ground rules are being followed.

Set Alerts on Your Smart Home Automation App

Smart home systems allow you to set and receive alerts.  You can be alerted when a door, window or garage door opens, when someone walks onto your property, when someone is at the door, etc.

Our next article will discuss more ways you can keep your kids safe while they are home alone.

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