As a business owner, it is important to find ways to keep your staff motivated. This can be done by increasing employee engagement and decreasing distractions that lead to a lack of productivity. One way to do this is by installing a commercial security system that can ensure the safest and most productive environment for […]

Have you ever received a confirmation that your package has been delivered but when you check your front porch the package is nowhere to be found? As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, package theft is a problem that is following the same trend. Package theft has become so common that the criminals who […]

Get Location-Based Home Automation with Geo-Services Home Automation allows you to have control over your home like never before. Geo-Services adds another layer to that control with location-based rules that connect to your alarm system and home automation settings. The app allows you to set up a geo-fence around your home and specify the […]

Home Security Tips for Back to School Safety The start of a new school year is here. Parents are focusing on school supplies, uniforms, and more. Safety is especially at the top of everyone’s mind this school year. One thing parents should not overlook is having an alarm system as an afterschool safety measure. Alarm […]