Are you an ABC Fire & Burglar customer?

  • Billing or Service

    For billing or service, please call (504) 889-9795.

  • Monitoring Station

    To contact the monitoring station to cancel an alarm or put system on test,
    please call (800) 633-2677.

  • Referral Credits

    Do you want to earn free monitoring?  Please email with your name and address along with the referral name, address and phone number.  Once the referral becomes a monitored ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm customer, you will receive a 3 month alarm monitoring credit on your account.

  • Insurance Discount

    Is your insurance agent/company requesting an alarm certificate to verify eligibility for the alarm system discount? Please email with the policy holder name, address, insurance agent name, insurance agent phone, and insurance agent email.

  • Update Emergency Contacts

    Do you need to update your call list? Please call (504) 889-9795. Your monitoring password is required for verification purposes.

Refer a Friend, Earn Credit

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