Now is the Time to Upgrade Your Business Security System

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We are continuing our series on reasons to consider an upgrade to your business security system. Our previous article covered how remote access features in business security systems can be extremely convenient and beneficial.  We also discussed how business security systems can do just about anything, offering comprehensive security and peace of mind. Here are two more reasons why you should consider an upgrade.

Wireless Alarm Monitoring

While alarm monitoring is not a new feature, wireless alarm monitoring is something to definitely consider.  Older business security systems rely on a wired landline to call central station if a breach or smoke is detected. Savvy criminals will cut these lines to stop transmission. Wireless alarm monitoring does not require any hard wires or lines.  Wireless alarm monitoring is available with both our commercial and residential alarm systems.

Environmental Detection

Just like our smart home systems, business security systems can detect changes in the environment that can alert you to potential problems.  For instance, you can set your system to alert you if the indoor temperature falls above or below a certain level indicating a potential HVAC issue.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to upgrading older business security systems to one that incorporates newer features and technology. ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm has been the trusted provider of both residential and business security systems in New Orleans and surrounding areas including Slidell, Metairie, Covington and Houma for more than two decades. Our experienced technicians know how to properly install alarm systems and security cameras to ensure maximum coverage. Give us a call to schedule your complimentary consultation today!