Smart Garage Door Control

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  • Works with any internet-connected computer or mobile device via our app
  • Mobile alerts
  • Operates seamlessly with your smart home security system
  • Geofence capabilities
  • Program to close the door when your security system is armed
  • Create scenes

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As a local New Orleans company, born and raised, we are dedicated to protecting families and individuals in our community. We offer the best home security cameras at affordable prices. In fact, our prices are nearly 50 percent less than many of our competitors.

The protection of our customers is what matters most to us and we value their trust. That’s why we give a 3-month monitoring credit for every customer referral. Want to see what our customers have to say about us? Check out our customers’ reviews page.

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ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm, LLC is a locally-owned security company with a commitment to our customers and our community. If you want to secure your home or protect your business, complete our contact form or give us a call at 504-889-9795 to obtain your free quote.