Installing a Residential Security System – What Can I Expect?

residential security system

What can you expect when your residential alarm company comes out to install your home alarm system? ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm sends an experienced security alarm installer out to your home to ensure your residential security system is expertly installed and performing properly.

Keypads, Security Cameras and Motion Detectors

Keypads, security cameras and motion detectors are important components of your residential security system.  Our professional security alarm installer will evaluate your home and present you with his/her recommendations.  We will also discuss placement of your keypads. Some people prefer to have a single keypad installed near an entry door; others prefer to have multiple keypads located throughout their home.

Alarm Code

You will need to determine a master alarm code that is memorable for you but not easy for an intruder to figure out (i.e. never use codes such as #1234, etc.).  Alarm systems are also equipped with the ability to assign temporary codes for other family members or house guests. Your security system installer will be able to walk you through how to set a master code and assign temporary codes.

Alarm Monitoring Code Word

You will need to determine a code word for your alarm monitoring service.  When alarm systems are triggered by intrusion or smoke, the alarm monitoring company will call to check and see if there is a problem or if it was a false alarm.  You will be required to provide the alarm monitoring company with this code word as a sign that everything is “OK”.  If you do not provide the code word, help will be dispatched immediately.


Quality security system companies like ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm will provide you with a hands-on tutorial on how to operate your residential security system.  If you have security cameras and/or smart home automation features, our security system installer will demonstrate how they work.

ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm has been one of the most trusted security system companies serving New Orleans and surrounding areas for more than two decades. Give us a call to set up your complimentary consultation today!