Different types of businesses require different types of security, especially retail. Retail storefronts have unique security needs and often require more than a basic security system. Read more about the top tips to help secure your retail business. Access Control One of the best ways to secure your retail business is to control access to […]

When most people look for home automation companies in New Orleans, they consider adding the technologies as a convenience rather than a productivity tool. To be fair, smart home technologies are convenient. But that is not all they are. When used collectively, they can help you save time and money so that you can devote […]

Want to transform your home into a smart home this spring? Smart home solutions make your life easier and when paired with your security system they make your home safer too. Find out the must-have smart home devices to add to your security system here. Smart Thermostats Save money, efficiency, and energy this spring when […]

For any retail business in New Orleans, local alarm system solutions are a major concern. However, security systems play an important role in fighting the common crimes retail businesses face.  What Are the Most Common Retail Crimes?  Retailers face many types of crimes, but we will focus on the most common crimes, theft, and fraud. According […]

There are many things to remember when buying a new home and moving. While this is an exciting time, something you do not want to sacrifice during this transition is the security and safety of your family and homes. Learn how to keep your current and new home secure while moving.   For Your Current […]

For those wanting to install home security systems in New Orleans, one of the first steps is understanding video surveillance cameras. You may have read our blog and discovered that security cameras are well worth the investment.  They deter crime, increase home value, provide evidence, and can help decrease insurance costs. But you may still […]

It’s that time of year to change your clocks! Make it a habit to test your security system twice a year by checking it when you change your clocks. Here are some ways you can check to make sure your security system provides the best protection.   Change the Time If you have an older […]

Home security technologies are advancing rapidly, and you may be weighing the costs between DIY security and the alarm systems offered by home security companies in New Orleans. On the surface, many DIY solutions seem cost-efficient and effective, but are they? We will discuss some of the differences between home security companies New Orleans and […]