(Part One) ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm is a premier residential alarm company that has installed smart home systems throughout New Orleans and surrounding areas including Slidell, Metairie, Covington and Houma. While some customers are apprehensive about smart home automation, we find that once they have a comprehensive understanding of how smart home systems can […]

The most important aspect of a security system is alarm monitoring, not just having a local alarm that makes noise.  Here are some scenarios where alarm monitoring has saved lives: Scenario #1: An intruder enters the home and triggers the residential security system.  The intruder confronts the homeowner and forces them to disarm the system.  […]

One question just about all security system companies have answered at one time or another is if alarm systems are really necessary in gated communities.  If you want to ensure your home is protected, then the answer is, “yes”.  Below are some reasons why residents in gated neighborhoods still depend on a residential security system. […]

There once was a time when it was necessary to pre-wire all windows and doors for a residential security system.  Times have changed.  Wireless alarm systems have transformed the industry and now make it possible for homes not pre-wired for a residential security system to enjoy the safety and peace of mind of security cameras […]

What can you expect when your residential alarm company comes out to install your home alarm system? ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm sends an experienced security alarm installer out to your home to ensure your residential security system is expertly installed and performing properly. Keypads, Security Cameras and Motion Detectors Keypads, security cameras and motion […]