I Live in a Gated Neighborhood. Do I Really Need a Residential Security System?

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residential security system

One question just about all security system companies have answered at one time or another is if alarm systems are really necessary in gated communities.  If you want to ensure your home is protected, then the answer is, “yes”.  Below are some reasons why residents in gated neighborhoods still depend on a residential security system.

Determined Criminals Find Their Way Past Gates

Don’t let living in a gated community give you a false sense of security. Determined criminals will still be able to find their way past the gates. Security cameras, alarm systems and alarm monitoring provide an added barrier of protection and alert you of a possible unwelcome guest.

Fire Detection

A residential security system with smoke detectors will also alert you if smoke or fire is detected.

Lower Homeowners Insurance

Having a residential security system with security cameras and alarm monitoring installed in your home often results in lower homeowners insurance rates.

Remote Access

Smart home systems give you remote access to monitor security cameras and activity in and around your home while you are away.  This is especially appealing for parents who may want to monitor their children/teenagers while they are away. You can also remotely control home systems.  For instance, if your child forgets his/her key, you can remotely open the front door. Or, if a sudden cold front comes through, you can remotely adjust your thermostat.

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