It’s time to “Laissez les bons temps rouler” in New Orleans. ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm is excited to be celebrating Mardi Gras again with the Greater New Orleans area. Whether you are hitting the parade route or heading out of town, it is important to make sure your home is protected. Learn how a home security system can give you peace […]

Once you’ve decided that you’d like a home security system, the next big decision is choosing a national security system company or a local fire and burglar alarm company. So before you search “home security systems near me,” let’s discuss a few of the advantages of a local home security provider.  A Local Security Company […]

Every family and their homes have different security needs. Many different types of home security cameras are made to meet different security requirements. Learn how to build a custom security camera system that will fit your needs.     Location Options Depending on what you want to monitor will help determine where and what kind of security cameras you should put in place. Indoor cameras are best to stay in the […]

Many people ask us what components are in basic home security systems when considering home protection. Every residential alarm system includes a variety of essential devices that work together to protect the home from intruders and other threats. These components likely include: Control Panel– The command hub of your security system Door and Window Sensors–  […]

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day approaching it’s time to prepare for a date night. Celebrating Valentine’s Day at home can be easy and romantic with a smart home security system from ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm. Learn how smart home solutions can help you set the mood.    Set A Scene Our smart home solutions make life easier by automating the smart devices around your […]

Smart Home Technology for caregiving can be used to increase safety, awareness, and comfort in any caregiving environment according to studies. Whether it is for an aging or sick family member or those who may need additional oversight, smart home and security solutions help prevent wandering, increase safety, alert to daily activity, decrease risks, and […]

The employees of your company are what keep your business going. It is important to  help your employees feel secure at work. Learn how a commercial security system can make your employees feel protected.   Secure the Property To ensure your employees feel secure, have a commercial security system professionally installed. Add contact sensors to all entrances and exits and to any rooms you would like to be monitored. Smart […]

Smart home technology plays an increasingly important role in today’s real estate market. Studies show that both buyers and renters highly desire smart technologies, that buyers are willing to pay more for them, and smart home systems are now being factored into appraisals for home sales. Here are some important factors to consider.  Technology Makes […]