Get a Smart Backyard for Your Summer Parties

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Get a Smart Backyard for Your Summer Parties

Summer is the perfect time for entertaining your guests out in the backyard. But there is a lot more that goes into hosting summer parties than firing up the grill. Learn how our smart home security system features can help you host your parties this summer.


Greet Your Guests

When your guests arrive earlier than expected you may have your hands full with last-minute preparations. With smart home automation, there is no need to drop everything you are doing to answer the door. When your guests ring your video doorbell, you can greet them with the two-way voice feature and unlock your smart lock to let them in the house without having to leave your back.

Cue the Lights

The party does not have to stop when the sun goes down. With smart lighting from ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm, you can set your lights to automatically turn on as soon as the sunsets. Schedules for our home automation devices allow you to set the times in which you want them to turn on and off.

Calling it a Night

When the last guest leaves and it is time to clean up, our Scenes feature can help you close the house down for the night. With just one tap of the “Sleep” scene, your alarm system will arm, doors will lock, the garage door will close, lights will go off, and the smart thermostat will be set to your sleeping comfort.


If you are interested in a smart home automation system that can make your life easier, contact us to schedule a visit with one of our security consultants for a free quote.