How to Connect Smart Home Devices and Home Security Systems   Whether you are away from your house or at home, staying secure and comfortable has never been more convenient. Home automation allows you to have control over many features in your home. Voice commands can let you take that control a step further when […]

Part Two We are continuing our series on business alarm system features that make our products so desirable to business owners.  We discussed in our previous article the mobile app and single interface for access and control.  We also covered the business insights feature as well as the fact that our security systems have a […]

Part One If your operate any business in New Orleans or surrounding areas including Houma, Slidell, Covington and Metairie, ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm can provide you with a reliable, user-friendly business alarm system fully equipped with advanced features, indoor and outdoor security cameras and alarm monitoring. What makes our security systems different from most […]

Part Two We are continuing our series on preparing your home for hurricane season.  Our previous article discussed the importance of having a home alarm system and alarm monitoring.  We also covered preparing your disaster supply kit, trimming tree branches and bushes and checking your smoke detectors.  This article will cover three more hurricane preparation […]

Part One Hurricane season comes like clockwork every year.  It is important to make sure you and your family are prepared before a storm threatens.  One way to ensure the safety of your family and belongings is by installing a residential security system.  Security systems not only deter criminals, but your alarm monitoring company will […]

The technology of business security systems has advanced significantly over the past several years.  Some alarm systems can be outfitted with newer technology such as enhanced indoor and outdoor security cameras.  There are other impressive features in newer business security systems that make upgrading quite attractive. Our next series of articles will discuss business security […]

One of the most beneficial aspects of a residential security system is alarm monitoring.  ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm has been offering our commercial and residential clients quality alarm monitoring services for more than two decades.  Features such as indoor and outdoor security cameras and smart home automation make it possible to monitor some activities […]

(part two) We are continuing our series on home security tips for the holidays.  It is important to make sure your residential security system is up to date and that you have signed up for alarm monitoring.  Indoor and outdoor security cameras also serve as a deterrent for criminals.  As a premier security system installer, […]

(part one) ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm is different from most security system companies and we are committed to providing you with information to help prevent you and your family from becoming victims. Each time we install a residential alarm system, it is our hope that you will never need it for burglary or fire. […]

(part two) We are continuing our series on how alarm systems benefit senior citizens living at home.  ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm is the area’s premier security alarm installer.  Unlike security system companies that offer cookie cutter alarm systems, we work closely with our clients to customize a residential security system to fit their specific […]