Combat Back-to-School Stress with Smart Home Solutions

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Combat Back-to-School Stress with Home Automation

Summer break has officially come to an end and school is starting back up across the Greater New Orleans area. The start of a new school year can be a stressful time for parents. Especially if your children are home alone after school. There are home security system features that parents can use to make life easier during this time of year. Learn how smart home solutions can help ease back-to-school stress.  


Waking Up Bright and Early

After a summer of sleeping in, it may be hard for your kids to get up earlier in the morning. With smart lights, you can set a time for their bedroom lights to turn on at the same time their alarm clock is set for. With the lights on, it will make waking up and getting out of bed easier and make for a less rushed morning.  

Adjust Your Home to the New Schedule

With a new school year comes a new schedule for you, your kids, and your house. With our home automation system, you can adjust the schedule of your smart thermostat to your new schedule. Save energy by having your thermostat turn up when the house is empty while your kids are at school and have the temperature turned back down to a comfortable level when they arrive home from school.  

No More “I’m Locked Out” Calls

Keys can be easily lost by kids leading them to be locked out of the house after school. With user codes on our smart locks, your child can easily let themselves in the house without a key. Even if your child forgets their user code, you can let them in the house from wherever you are with the App. You will be able to know when your child gets inside the house with user notifications when the door is unlocked. 

Keep an Eye on Them Until You Get Home

Doorbell cameras send you an alert when someone is at your doorstep and indoor security cameras help you keep an eye on kids throughout the house. This allows you to be in the know if they bring any friends over to the house unsupervised. Also, be made aware if there is any suspicious activity around your home while you are away. 


It is not too late to add a burglar alarm to give you peace of mind this school year.  If you are interested in installing a residential security systemcontact us to schedule a free consultation.