Top Smart Home Technology for Caregiving

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Home Security and Automation Help in Caregiving

Smart Home Technology for caregiving can be used to increase safety, awareness, and comfort in any caregiving environment according to studies. Whether it is for an aging or sick family member or those who may need additional oversight, smart home and security solutions help prevent wandering, increase safety, alert to daily activity, decrease risks, and make the home environment more comfortable. 

Top Home Security and Smart Home Technologies that Help in Caregiving

Video Surveillance 

Used both indoors and outdoors, video surveillance allows residents and caregivers to verify visitors at the door and monitor activity. It provides a remote and discreet way to ensure loved ones stay out of harm’s way, manage daily living tasks, and more.  

Remote Access and Smart Locks

Smart locks provide a huge advantage in caregiving. Remote access provides a way for you or your loved one to give access to verified visitors without having to get up or risk falling. You can also ensure that doors are locked when they should be or get alerts to warn you of activity. 

Connected Devices 

Today, many common electronics and appliances are either already connected or can be through an intermediary device. Users and caregivers can control these items remotely to reduce their dangers. They can also allow you to control the environment such as by turning off televisions or lights to make an area more comfortable for those with sensory issues.        

Temperature Control

Using smart thermostats helps ensure that the home environment is always safe and healthy. 

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can help you monitor activities or the lack of them. They can help let you know when a loved one gets out of bed, leaves a room, accesses food or medication. They can help alert you to dangerous activities, such as wandering or trying to access unsafe areas.                                                                                

Top Advantages of Smart Home Devices in Caregiving

The rapid advancement of home security and smart home technology has provided a way to extend caregiving in new and exciting ways. Top advantages include:

  • Increased Unobtrusive Oversight
  • Increased Autonomy
  • Greater Convenience
  • Reduced Exposure to Hazards
  • Better Control Over Environmental Stimuli 
  • Activity Insights that Could Signal Emergency
  • Access to Live Video 
  • Remote Access and Control of Connected Lights, Appliances, and Locks
  • Reduced Isolation
  • Better Health Management
  • Increased Safety and Security 


While smart home and security technologies can help to keep your loved ones safe, they do not replace expert care. Instead, they enhance care through greater control and insights. 

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