Let Smart Home Solutions Help You Prepare for Date Night

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Let Smart Home Solutions Help You Prepare for Date Night

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day approaching it’s time to prepare for a date night. Celebrating Valentine’s Day at home can be easy and romantic with a smart home security system from ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm. Learn how smart home solutions can help you set the mood. 


Set A Scene

Our smart home solutions make life easier by automating the smart devices around your home. With our Scenes feature, you can make home automation even more convenient by choosing different smart home device actions and assigning them to a specific scene. For example, you can name a scene “Date Night” and with the touch of a button, your smart home devices will set the mood for the night. 

Dim the Lights

With smart lights, you can turn the lights on and off and adjust the brightness with a dimmer. Add a command to “dim the lights” to your Date-Night scene to make the room more intimate.  

Turn on the Music

Want to play your date’s favorite tunes? With a smart plug, you can add a command to “turn on the music” to your Date-Night scene which will turn on your connected home stereo system to play some romantic music. 

Lock the Doors

Need some privacy? If you have smart locks as a part of your smart home security system, you can add a command to “lock the doors” to your Date-Night scene to make sure that your special night goes uninterrupted. 


If you are interested in a smart home system with the most advanced capabilities such as Scenes, contact us to schedule a visit with one of our security consultants for a free quote.