Help Your Employees Feel Secure at Work

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Help Your Employees Feel Secure at Work

The employees of your company are what keep your business going. It is important to  help your employees feel secure at work. Learn how a commercial security system can make your employees feel protected.  

Secure the Property

To ensure your employees feel secure, have a commercial security system professionally installed. Add contact sensors to all entrances and exits and to any rooms you would like to be monitored. Smart locks are another great way to secure your business. Assign user codes to protect the entrances to your business to make sure only your employees have access to it. 

Utilize Discreet Panic Buttons

In the event of an emergency, panic buttons can be used by employees to dispatch authorities discreetly. Placing panic buttons at cash registers and employees’ desks is ideal to help protect staff members if they are not able to call authorities due to a break-in or robbery. With a smart commercial security systempanic buttons are also accessible through our smartphone app. 

Install Commercial Surveillance Cameras

Having commercial surveillance cameras placed in and around your business can help your employees feel protected. This will discourage criminals who are afraid of being caught on camera. Placing indoor and outdoor commercial security cameras strategically can help prevent theft, burglaries, and armed robberies. 

Displaying Security Signage

Not only is it important to install a commercial security system and a commercial security camera system but you must advertise that you have both in place. In addition to your security system company’s signs, you can purchase signs stating that the property has alarm monitoring and is under surveillance.


Your employees can feel safe knowing that your business is protected by ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm, a local security company in the New Orleans area that offers over 20 years of experience in commercial security systems and commercial security camera systems. If you are interested in a professionally installed security system for your business, contact us to set up a free consultation.