Smart Home Solutions: Life-Changing Technologies for New Families

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ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm, LLC smart home solutions for families

As a new parent, your hands are full with the constant care of your little one. With stressful days and sleepless nights — new parents need all the help they can get. That’s where a smart home solutions and automation system can help. New parents can find more peace of mind in their days and nights, giving them more time and energy to put where it counts: toward their new and growing family.

Home automation is a fantastic set of technologies revolutionizing our lives. Just a few years ago, the thought of giving people the power to control their lights, heating, security alarms, and more from their phones seemed like science fiction. But today, it’s commonplace. And convenience isn’t the only benefit of smart home solutions and automation.

First Steps: Home Automation Options – Smart Home Solutions

When installing a smart home automation system, you have many options, including smart lighting, smart video doorbells, smart thermostats, integrated security cameras and intrusion detectors, and access controls, including video doorbells and automatic locks. Let’s look at some smart home solutions options that will benefit new parents the most.

  • Smart lighting – One of the most helpful home automation options for new parents is a smart lighting system. The ability to turn off lights after the baby’s fallen asleep is a game-changer for new parents. And with smart lighting, parents can control their lights remotely and set lighting schedules, making their lives much easier and more convenient. And being able to fall asleep with your baby without worrying about whether you left the lights on is another considerable advantage.
  • Smart video doorbells – A video doorbell is another must-have device for new parents. A video doorbell allows parents to communicate remotely with someone at their front door and monitor any activity around it. So, whether you are a nursing mother or a father who just got his little one down for a nap, being able to answer the door remotely saves time and brings more calm to your life.
  • Smart locks – Another huge benefit of smart home solutions and automation for new parents is to remotely open and lock doors, open the garage, or let people into the home all from their phones.
  • Smart thermostats – Another life-changing home automation technology is the smart thermostat. Smart thermostats allow new parents to adjust and program the temperature from their phones. They allow parents to adjust the thermostat to their desired temperature when at home, away, or stuck under a sleeping baby.
  • Surveillance cameras – Having an integrated security system will bring a greater sense of safety to new parents. Having smart security cameras with remote viewing is also helpful by allowing new parents to worry less about their new family’s security and safety.

Bundle of Joy Benefits

For new parents, here are some of the many benefits of installing a home automation system:


Having the ability to control your home while lying with a sleeping baby would have been a thing of fantasy just a few years ago. But today, it’s very much a reality and available to everyone. Once you have smart home solutions and automation, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Improved Comfort

With the ease and control of a home automation system, new parents can fluff their nest and help keep the whole family comfortable all day and night. They can set their thermostat to adjust to a desired temperature at home or away automatically and program their lighting to turn on and off at specific times of the day.


Economics is also a significant advantage of home automation. Being able to program lights and a home’s HVAC system means a drastic reduction in the amount of energy used to light, heat, or cool a home. You’ll see an immediate difference in your energy bills.

Increased security

To watch the property, control the system, check on cameras, and remotely operate doors and locks. These are some ways home automation helps make a new family safer and more secure.

What truly matters

Becoming a new parent is a life-changing event with many challenges and even more blessings. And new parents can be greatly helped with a home automation system, allowing them to control their home effortlessly. With a home automation system installed by ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm, LLC, new parents can find more peace of mind in their days and nights.

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