Home Safety Tips to Protect Your Family While Moving

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Home Safety Tips to Protect Your Family While Moving

There are many things to remember when buying a new home and moving. While this is an exciting time, something you do not want to sacrifice during this transition is the security and safety of your family and homes. Learn how to keep your current and new home secure while moving.


For Your Current Home

Do not advertise your moving process on social media. This will let people know that your home will be vacant and may attract burglars.

Be careful when labeling your moving boxes. Instead of marking your boxes with the items that may be valuable that are in your box, mark what room you want the items to be moved to.

Make your security system the last thing you disconnect before closing. Alarm monitoring can also be transferred to the new homeowner to make sure there is no lapse in alarm service.

For Your New Home

Check to see if the new home has an existing security system that can be taken over. Just as you will want your current home monitored until you close, you will want your new home monitored as soon as you can.

To keep your new home secure, you will want to change the locks to protect yourself from anyone who may have a key from the previous owner. Consider installing smart locks. With a smart lock, you will not have to make copies of your new keys, you can easily assign user codes to those who need access to your home.

If the previous owners took their curtains with them, you should cover your windows to keep people from looking in your home. With new homeowners in the neighborhood, people may try to peek inside to see what you are moving into your new home.


With home alarm service from ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm, you can be at ease knowing your home and family are protected during your moves. If you are interested in installing a residential security system, contact us to schedule a free consultation.