What Should I Consider in Video Surveillance Cameras?

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For those wanting to install home security systems in New Orleans, one of the first steps is understanding video surveillance cameras. You may have read our blog and discovered that security cameras are well worth the investment.  They deter crime, increase home value, provide evidence, and can help decrease insurance costs. But you may still have questions about things such as camera technology, number, and placement. To help you decide, we’ll cover some of the top questions.

Do I Need Video Security Cameras? 

Naturally, one of the first questions is whether or not you need video surveillance cameras. The answer depends on what level of security you desire. Video surveillance cameras are a valuable part of home security systems in New Orleans and help provide more complete security.

Things like motion sensors can detect if someone has opened a door or window, but without video surveillance, you can’t actually see what is going on. If you have professional monitoring, it also means that when an event trips a motion sensor, the monitoring professional cannot verify the activity. Also, the simple presence of cameras is a visual deterrence to crime, which increases your safety and security. 

How Many Security Cameras Do I Need?

The number of video surveillance cameras you need depends on the size of your home and property and whether you want both indoor and outdoor cameras. Additionally, the number of cameras you need can be affected by what types of cameras you choose and their capabilities. For example, you may choose cameras that cover a wider space to reduce the total number of cameras you need. Generally, most homes require 3 or more security cameras. 

Where are the Best Places to Put Outdoor Security Cameras? 

There are many considerations in camera placement. This includes optimal visibility, avoiding camera glare, and being inaccessible enough to avoid being stolen or vandalized. 

  • Cover main entrances and access points such as the front door, garage, ground floor windows, and back entrance. 
  • Place cameras not higher than 9 feet or they will only capture the tops of heads which does little to help identify individuals. 
  • Check and test camera placement and views at different points throughout the day and consider sun glare and glare from things like car headlights. 

Where are the Best Places to Put Indoor Security Cameras 

While there are indoor spaces you want to avoid using video surveillance, a number of thoughtfully placed cameras inside your home increases security and awareness. 

  • Place cameras opposite all entrances
  • Place a camera in the garage, especially if there is an entrance to the house

Where Should I Avoid Placing Video Surveillance Cameras?

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Aimed in such a way that it may violate neighbor privacy, such as into a front window. 

Video Surveillance New Orleans

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