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Local Alarm System Solutions for Retail

For any retail business in New Orleans, local alarm system solutions are a major concern. However, security systems play an important role in fighting the common crimes retail businesses face. 

What Are the Most Common Retail Crimes? 

Retailers face many types of crimes, but we will focus on the most common crimes, theft, and fraud. According to the National Retail Federation, retail theft and fraud amounted to about $61.7 billion in losses.

  1. Shoplifting 

    Shoplifting, or external theft of products, is an important concern for any retail business. It accounts for 35.7% of retail inventory loss, according to the most recent data from Statista.

  2. Internal Theft

    Employee theft is a big problem. 30% of business failures are due to employee theft. Examples of theft include: Stealing products or cash from registers, safes, or petty cash drawers and overcharging a customer, and pocketing the difference.

  3. Robbery

    Robbery, or the use of threat of force in the attempt or process of theft, impacts retail in several ways. It affects loss, employee safety, morale, and customer confidence.

  4. Burglary 

    Burglary is the illegal entry of a building to commit theft. Burglaries cause losses on several levels. They often involve vandalism and decreased safety.

  5. Fraud

    Retail businesses are often a target of many types of fraud. This includes sweethearting and more involved types such as slip and fall and other injury claims.

Local Alarm Systems For Retail 

Preventing retail crimes is a lot easier than it seems with the right commercial alarm systems and smart business solutions

Businesses can stop crime using today’s top technologies including:

      • Motion and glass break detection help detect intruders.
      • Just video surveillance can stop crime. It also provides proof of crimes and support to the police. 
      • Access control prevents access or provides controlled access to verified people.
      • Notifications provide information such as who accessed storage areas if the store was opened or closed on time, and more. 

Local Alarm System Solutions Near Me 

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