Celebrate Earth Day with Smart Home Devices

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Celebrate Earth Day with Home Automation

Earth Day is approaching! What better way to celebrate than with an energysaving home automation systemOur smart home automation system makes it easy to save energy and money by automating your home’s cooling, heating, lighting, and more. Here are a few ways you can conserve energy and protect the planet with smart home technology. 


Don’t Waste Energy While You’re Away

One of the biggest wastes of energy is cooling or heating your home when no one is home. Our smart thermostat prevents this by adjusting itself when your house is empty. ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm smart security systems use Geo-Services” that knows when you are leaving and when you are on your way home. Our home automation system uses your location to adjust your thermostat to save energy when your family goes out, then dial the comfort back up as you arrive home again. 

No More Cooling the Neighborhood

Another benefit of having a thermostat that is connected to your security system is that it knows when a door or window is left open. When you or your kids forget to close the back door, letting South Louisiana’s heat and humidity inside, our smart thermostat can pause your AC automatically by adjusting the temperature. You will get an alert when this happens so that you can close the door yourselfOnce the door is closed your AC returns to normal.  

Automate Your Lights

Lightbulbs have come a long way in terms of energy efficiency, but you can still cut down on waste by automating them. Our smart lighting solutions can turn on and off automatically depending on the time of day, or when it gets dark, or whether you are home. They are also easy to control with Scenes: our quick, multi-device commands that make controlling your home easy.  


If you are interested in a home automation system that can help you conserve energy, contact us to schedule a visit with one of our security consultants for a free quote.