Smart Things You Can Do with Smart Security Cameras

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Smart Things You Can Do with Smart Security Cameras

Security cameras are a great addition to your security system to increase your home’s protection. They are useful in allowing you to check in on your family or pets via your smartphone or see and talk to a visitor at your front door.  But are all home security cameras created equal? Learn how smart video monitoring can improve your home’s security.  

Get Custom Video Alerts

While most security cameras can send you a video alert, uses its understanding of your home’s activity to let you pick and choose the specific events that you want a video alert. Our security cameras are connected to our smart home security system allowing you to get custom video alerts like when a door is unlocked using a smart lock or when your alarm system is triggered. 

Share Your Clips Easily

The easier it is to share your video clips, the more useful your security cameras become.’s smartphone app makes it as easy as sharing a photo, with the ability to share via message, email, and even social media. 

Capture All the Action

Our most advanced security camera viewer yet, Smart View is now available with our new Onboard Recording solution, which enables encrypted 24/7 continuous recording directly onto a microSD card.  Smart View lets you playback 24/7 video (up to 15 days) in an interactive timeline that makes it easy to skip right to footage of key events. The interactive timeline is also linked to sensor activity of the security system. 

Object Detection

Our video analytics feature uses state of the art artificial intelligence that has the advanced capability to determine whether a moving object in your driveway is: a person, an animal, or a vehicle. These distinctions are made in real-time before alerting you (or not) depending on your preferences. 

Create a Virtual Tripwire

Video analytics allows you to create virtual “zones” and multi-directional “tripwires” for your security cameras, giving you the ability to group activity based on the layout of your home and the areas you need to protect. 


If you are interested in the added value of smarter security cameras, contact us today to receive a free security camera system quote.