Protect Your Home from Carbon Monoxide

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Protect Your Home from Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a silent threat to your family. Since carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas, it is almost impossible for you to detect without a carbon monoxide sensorAccording to the CDC, the most common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion. Here are some preventative measures you can take to protect your family and home from carbon monoxide. 



  • Have your HVAC, water heater, and any other gasburning appliances serviced every year. 
  • Install a monitored carbon monoxide detector that is connected to your security system and test the detector yearly. 
  • Leave your home immediately and call 911 if your carbon monoxide detector ever sounds. Seek medical attention immediately if you suspect you or someone else has carbon monoxide poisoning. 


  • Run a vehicle inside a garage attached to your house, even if the door is open. 
  • Burn anything in a stove or fireplace that is not vented. 
  • Heat your house with a gas oven. 
  • Use a generator, charcoal grill, or other gasoline or charcoal-burning equipment inside your home, or garage, or outside less than 20 feet from a window, door, or vent. 


ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm offers professionally installed & monitored carbon monoxide detectors that are connected to our security systems. Our security system will not only send a signal to the central station but will also send a real-time notification through the app to notify you when carbon monoxide is detected. When carbon monoxide is detected, our smart thermostat shuts down the HVAC system immediately, preventing the carbon monoxide from spreading through your home. 


With asecurity system from ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm, you can be assured that you are receiving the best protection for your home. If you are interested in adding a monitored carbon monoxide detector to your security systemcontact us to schedule a free consultation.