Tips to Help You Prepare for Severe Weather

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Tips to Help You Prepare for Severe Weather

April showers bring May flowers, but what about when those showers turn into severe storms? Are you prepared? It is important to make sure you stay weather aware and take precautions against severe storms to protect your home and family. Check out this list of how to prepare for severe weather and home security tips to protect your home from severe storms.  

Understanding Weather Alerts

The National Weather Service categorizes storms with a “watch” or “warning” to describe the potential threat to an area. A “watch” means conditions are favorable to lead to the development of a storm. A “warning” means a storm has already developed and has been spotted nearby. Most times, a warning means you should take shelter immediately.  

Designate a Shelter Area

It is important to designate a safe space in your home to take shelter. This area should be an interior room or hallway on the lowest level of your home with little to no windows. Make sure your family knows where the shelter area is before a severe weather event to avoid any confusion during an already highstress situation. 

Stay Aware with Home Security Alerts

Our security system tracks severe weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service and provides real-time alerts to you when a severe weather warning is issued near your home. The alerts are integrated with’s proven technology platform and are delivered directly to your alarm system panel, giving you additional time to seek protection from dangerous weather conditions. 

No Power, No Problem

Your home should not lose its security just because it loses power from a severe storm. Our security systems have a battery backup for weather emergencies and a dedicated cellular connection that can still signal for help no matter if your power, phone line, or wi-fi are out. Security system backup batteries last anywhere from 8 hours to 24 hours. Your home stays secured and connected to our professional alarm monitoring station until your power comes back. 


With home alarm monitoring from ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm, you can be at ease knowing your home and family are protected during severe weather events. If you are interested in installing a residential security systemcontact us to schedule a free consultation.