Get Better Protection with Continuous Recording Security Cameras

Get Better Protection with Continuous Recording Security Cameras

Security camera systems allow you to always keep an eye on your home. Continuously recording security cameras are a great way to capture all the action around your home. Continuous recording is when your camera stays on 24/7 and records everything it sees regardless of whether there is motion or not. Learn how continuous recording can improve your home’s protection.

Constant Awareness and Recording

Unlike motion recording, continuous recording allows for 24/7 playback rather than clips of event-based triggered recordings. Even if your camera misses a motion event, you can still playback the video and see exactly what occurred at a certain time. With continuous recording from ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm, you will receive notifications from event-based recordings and will be able to view footage from before and after the event as well.

Smart View with Onboard Recording

Our most advanced security camera viewer yet, Smart View is now available with our new Onboard Recording solution, which enables encrypted continuous recording directly onto a microSD card.  Smart View lets you playback 24/7 video (up to 15 days) in an interactive timeline that makes it easy to skip right to footage of key events. A new system-wide activity view highlights important events, including when your alarm sounds, when doors are opened, and when a person or vehicle is detected. Smart View with onboard recording is now available on our compatible indoor and outdoor wi-fi security cameras.

Having security cameras with continuous recording capabilities gives you peace of mind that you are fully protected. Contact us today to receive a free quote for a professionally installed home security camera system.