Aging in Place | Technology Can Help Us All Stay Home Longer

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Technology Can Help Us All Stay Home Longer - couple sitting together in sofa

Did you know that an astonishing 90% of seniors report the desire to stay in their own homes as they age, according to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)? Many local residents have lived in the community and the same home for a large portion of their lives. It makes sense to want to continue living around friends and family. With the continued advancement of smart security and home automation technology options, more tools exist to help that happen. Learn more about how technology can help us all stay home longer with our family and loved ones.

Smart Technology Can Make the Home Safe and Accessible

“Independent living,” “non-assisted living,” and “aging in place” all mean the same thing– growing older without moving to a healthcare environment. Now, the same technologies we use every day to make life safer and more accessible can be used as tools to help navigate aging in place safely. 

Here’s How: 

Using Motion Sensors

Sensors can help provide caregivers and loved ones with information about daily activities. For example, these can provide information about whether the person is getting up from bed and when and whether they are accessing the medicine cabinet or refrigerator regularly. Sensors help remote caregivers know that their loved one is keeping a regular schedule, getting enough sleep and exercise, and more. 

Video Surveillance Provides Active Intelligence

Tapping into video surveillance cameras allows the family to check in on their loved ones remotely. Caregivers can monitor safety to make adjustments to daily living as necessary. Having the ability to check in remotely also limits the number of hours an in-house caregiver is needed.  

Door Sensors/Alarms Alert to Dangerous Activity

Having sensors and alarms on the doors can alert loved ones to unusual or dangerous activity, such as wandering or leaving in the middle of the night. 

Using Automated Lighting Increases Safety

Automating lighting can help reduce trip and fall accidents by using sensors to illuminate trouble areas. Having lights turn on or off on schedule or managed remotely without having to navigate a room in the dark reduces risks. 

Remotely Unlock the Home

With automated locks, you can unlock the doors remotely to ensure the doors are locked at night or let in caregivers or other household helpers. 

Smart Doorbells Decrease Risks

Using smart doorbells allows the person to answer the door without getting up. It also means that you can answer the door for them, so others never need to know that they are alone. It provides a way to know if the person is known and address them without opening the door. 

Temperature Control Reduces Dangers of Exposure

With a smart thermostat, caregivers can ensure that their loved ones do not experience the health dangers of extreme temperatures. 

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We face many issues as we age, but home smart home technologies bring a host of effective and economical solutions to the table to keep our loved ones in the home of their choice longer. Have questions about how these technologies can help your loved one? Contact ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm at 504-889-9795


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