criminals trying to get inside through window

Many homeowners believe that because many (but by no means all) burglaries are opportunistic, they must, therefore, be random. They are not. Criminals are just prepared to take advantage of common known weaknesses. What is the most significant weakness criminals exploit? Not having a security system in place. The four percent (4%) of homes that take absolutely no security measures account for nearly thirty percent (30%) of all burglaries! That is far from random. And the more security system technologies you employ, the lesser the likelihood of your home being robbed.

Secure Your Windows and Doors

Criminals most often make entry into a home through an unlocked door or window. Leaving a garage door open or windows open for air are like banners to criminals to give your home some unwanted attention. 

You Can’t Move Your Home, But…..

While criminals can be brazen and strike in even the most populous and busy neighborhoods, homes in low-traffic areas can be prime targets. While you can’t move your home, knowing this can be more incentive to increase visible security measures such as using fences and video surveillance 

Previously Burglarized Homes in the Area Make You Vulnerable

Particularly true in areas where homes have the same or similar floorplans, criminals may return to areas where they have become familiar and feel they had success. 

Cover Is Great For Crime

Many residents unwittingly provide cover for criminals with things such as walls, trees, shrubbery that block the view from the street. If a criminal thinks the resident cannot see them and there is no opportunity for neighbors to see them, they are far more likely to strike.

If these things seem simple, it is because they are. Criminals target homes because of simple vulnerabilities that residents fail to remediate, with the most important being a failure to employ basic home security system technologies. 

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