Smart Home Automation Geo-Services

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smart home automation

Our smart home automation is powered by, one of the most reliable and respected smart home systems on the market today.  The interactive smartphone app allows you to control all of your smart home automation elements, including lights, garage doors, door locks, thermostat, indoor/outdoor security cameras and more. Perhaps the most impressive and attractive feature of the smart home app is Geo-Services which uses the location of your smartphone to trigger certain smart home automation features.


Geo-Services allows you to establish “geo-fences” and set “rules” for each one.  For instance, perhaps you would like for certain lights to turn on when you are driving home at night so you aren’t arriving to a dark house.  You can set up a geo-fence and have your lights turn on at that point.  Perhaps you would like for your thermostat to automatically adjust when you are more than five miles from home.  You can set up a geo-fence for that, too. The interactive app allows you to set up multiple geo-fences and customize rules for each one.

Integrate with Indoor/Outdoor Security Cameras

The indoor and outdoor security cameras integrated with our smart home systems send alerts to your smartphone when activity is happening.  Since you may not want to receive these alerts while you are at home, Geo-Services allows you to pause select camera recordings while at home.

Our next article will discuss some key benefits of smart home automation Geo-Services. If you are ready to take that step and are in the process of researching smart home systems, give ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm a call for more information.  We would be happy to evaluate your needs and provide you with a free quote.