Why Placement of Your Security Cameras Matter

security cameras

Strategic placement of indoor and outdoor security cameras is important to ensure the safety of your home or business. Issues can arise with security systems that have cameras installed by someone who is not a professional security expert.  Don’t cut corners when it comes to smart home systems and business security systems.  Here are a few reasons why placement of your security cameras does matter:

Gaps in Coverage

Avoiding security cameras are one way intruders can infiltrate a home or business.  Criminals are experts in identifying gaps in coverage of indoor and outdoor security cameras. Smart home systems and business security systems equipped with professionally installed security cameras provide a strong line of defense.

Obstructed View

Having a clear view of an intruder or someone who has entered your property with the intent to do harm is important for many reasons.  For one, being able to see who is coming on to your property can alert you to suspicious activity.  Is someone entering your business with a weapon?  Is an unknown person walking up your driveway? Another reason you want to have your security cameras installed by a professional is because an obstructed view can compromise identification and even hinder prosecution if a crime does occur. Business security cameras that capture a good picture of a shoplifter, for example, can be invaluable, especially if the case goes to court.

ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm takes your safety seriously.  Don’t settle for substandard installation of your security system or security cameras.  Our installation technicians will evaluate your space and strategically install your security cameras to ensure maximum coverage.  Give us a call to learn more, we are happy to provide you with a free quote.