Security Systems and Home Values

indoor and outdoor security cameras

The real estate market is competitive as sellers work to show why their home is better, more desirable and has more value. We are often asked if security systems add value to a home. The answer is, “yes”.  Let’s take a look at some ways a home alarm system can help enhance the worth of your home.


Homes equipped with smart home systems, indoor and outdoor security cameras, etc. are often perceived as having value.  A residential security system itself can increase the value and worth of a home, especially in the eyes of potential buyers.

Added Feature

A pre-installed residential security system is often a desired additional feature, much like a screen porch or extended kitchen.  Smart home systems, indoor and outdoor security cameras and other integrated security features are desirable because they are already set up and ready to be configured to meet the needs of the new homeowner.

Insurance Discounts

Many homeowners insurance companies offer discounts, especially on a home alarm system with security system monitoring.

Whether you have a new home, are purchasing a home, or have an existing home, ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm can ensure you have the right residential security system to meet your needs.  We have been serving homeowners throughout the greater New Orleans area for more than two decades.  Some of our most popular residential security system features include smart home automation, indoor and outdoor security cameras and security system monitoring.  Give us a call to schedule a complimentary consultation today!