Your Business Alarm System and Access Control

business security system

There are different types and configurations of commercial security systems designed to fit the needs of your business.  A business security system equipped with access control is becoming popular because of its ease of use and advanced features. Let’s take a closer look at some advantages of having a business security system with access control.

No Need to Re-Key

Re-keying locks is a hassle and expensive, but necessary if an employee loses a key, leaves the company or is terminated. A business security system equipped with access control eliminates the need for keys.  When an employee leaves or is terminated, you can restrict his or her access instead of re-keying the entire building.

Control Access to Your Building

Simply stated, security systems with access control allows users to control access to any portion of their building. Perhaps you have an employee who needs to get into their office late at night.  Access control allows you to designate who can enter the building and when.

Ability to Set Permissions

Perhaps you wish to only allow the human resources manager access to employee files. Or, maybe you wish for only your warehouse manager to have access to the warehouse office. A business security system with access control allows you to set these types of permissions.

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