Controlling and Monitoring Your Home with a Smartphone

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smart home automation

Part Two

Smart home systems have revolutionized the home alarm system industry.  Alarm companies that do not offer smart home automation are behind the eight ball as more and more people discover the convenience and benefits smart home systems offer.  Our last article covered tasks that can be controlled by a smartphone app, including arming and disarming the home alarm system, remotely monitoring security cameras and controlling your thermostat.  This article will highlight more ways you can control your home with your smartphone.

Real Time Alerts

You can set up real time alerts in your smartphone app to monitor activity in and around your home.  Get an alert when a door is locked or unlocked, when the garage door is open and see who has crossed your property line and is knocking on your door.  With ABC alarm monitoring you can receive notifications on your smartphone when smoke is detected or there is a breach and your residential security system monitoring/fire alarm monitoring company will notify authorities.

Lock Doors and Control Garage Door

No more driving back home to make sure all of your doors are locked.  We can set up your smart home automation so you can control all of the door locks in your house with your smartphone.  You can also control your garage door with your smartphone.  Our smart home automation Geo-Services even allow you to set up geo-fences so your garage door will open/close automatically when you enter or leave.

Control the Lights

Is it dark outside and you forgot to leave some lights on?  No worries, smart home systems allow you to control both your interior and exterior lights with a smartphone app.  You can also set your lights on timed schedules.

Simple burglar alarm products are effective, but they are better when integrated with smart home automation.  ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm is the trusted alarm company serving New Orleans and surrounding areas.  Give us a call to set up your complimentary home consultation today.