Controlling Commercial Security Systems with a Smartphone

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We’ve discussed in detail some ways in which smart home systems allow you to control your home with your smartphone.  What about businesses?  Commercial security systems are also trending toward automation.  Let’s take a look at some ways automation has revolutionized how business owners and managers interact with their commercial security systems.

Arm/Disarm System

Just like smart home systems, commercial security systems can be armed and disarmed from the privacy and convenience of your smartphone.  This is especially important for business owners who may want to let employees into the building, but not give them access to the burglar alarm system.

Real-Time Monitoring of  Security Cameras

Security cameras are essential to commercial security systems.  Being able to monitor security cameras in real-time is important. Dropping in on activity inside the building can give you a good idea of how your employees interact with customers and with each other.  You can also monitor customers as well.  This is especially useful in situations where there has been a history of theft or vandalism.  You can also monitor activity outside and around the building from the convenience and privacy of your smartphone.

Assign Access and Permissions

Business owners and managers can assign access and different levels of permissions to employees.  For instance, perhaps some employees may be allowed to enter the stockroom, but the business office is off limits.  You can assign access and permissions to different areas of your office and/or building accordingly.

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