MISSION: Stealth Retail Protection I Visual Surveillance for Commercial Security

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Stealth Retail Protection - commercial security

You’ve beaten the odds. Most folks do not manage to open a business. But you had a vision. You saw a need. Your ambitious spirit would not let you down. You’ve been in control every step of the way. It’s an investment to be sure, possibly the primary focus of your life. To compete readily, you need to focus without incident. And that means guarding this fortress of potential prosperity that you’ve built.

Of course, the need for security is important – in public, at home, or at a business. When seeking to protect the means of your livelihood, careful consideration must be employed. Ultimately, a professionally installed commercial alarm system provides the apex of security and serves the needs of business owners like you.

The power is in your hands. In-house at your place of business or out-and-about, you are in control. At ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm, we pride ourselves on the unique user-friendly interactive technology we developed and are constantly improving. It’s a high-grade system that can be monitored from an easy-to-install app on your cell phone allowing you to arm and disarm the alarm from anywhere. This system also allows you to visually inspect your commercial property – directly from your smartphone! Through your direct access to every camera feed, you are able to confirm that the operation is running as it should – such as being opened on time while restricted areas are unoccupied – nothing out of order to cause concern. 

Indoors or out, our security cameras are equipped with smart motion detection sensors that can pinpoint a person or vehicle while automatically filtering eventless footage, including false alarms and recordings triggered by the movements of animals, pets, insects, windswept trees, and more. This feature helps you to maximize your time efficiency by sending you only relevant footage of note. 

If you have multiple businesses or locations, you can manage them all as simply as if you just had one. The easy-to-use concept remains the same. You are always connected to your ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm Security-protected locations – right through your phone!

Also playing a part in the integrity of your property is the visible presence of cameras. There is no doubt that most people will refrain from potential criminal activity when they know they are being surveilled. And ours are top-of-the-line. Besides being full color they are further enriched by a high level of light sensitivity that remains vivid and detailed even after the sun goes down. This 24/7 recording of high-quality video is another reason you can be assured that you’ve got all the bases of security covered. And with that, perhaps, a bit of peace of mind.  

If you’ve been feeling unhappy with your current security system provider, give us a call. We can assess a plan that’s right for you and replace or upgrade your old system with ease. In the case of the latter, we’ll likely be able to discount your current monitoring fee considerably. Take advantage! You’ll enjoy improved service at a lower rate.

But perhaps of greatest value, we are local, New Orleans through and through. We love our community and are dedicated to doing our part to better it. If we can make it safer and help protect the families of this great city, it’s our great honor. 

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