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2022 in New Orleans. Let’s just say, “not ideal”. Awareness of the need for public safety and monitored solutions for commercial security has reached an all-time high..

…unfortunately, responsibility for ensuring it is low…

And we love this town, our home for so many years.

Security – Everyone’s Responsibility

In the now-booming commercial security sector of the New Orleans area, few companies have been recognized for customer satisfaction and local appreciation as ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm. It’s simple, we at ABC will always employ the latest technology to keep our clients and their interests protected. We’ve always let them know we ‘have their back’. Increasingly since 2020, commercial facilities have been targeted for break-ins and theft. Simultaneously, however, security technology has also elevated over the years and ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm makes serious commitments to maintain a presence at the forefront of these advancements.

Confidence in Professional Installation 

When ABC installs an alarm system, nothing is left to chance. We thoroughly inspect your property’s grounds, and identify areas for breach-prevention strength and strengthening while custom-designing a system that fully accommodates your needs and concerns.

We make it easy for you to control your system via a convenient smartphone application. You can monitor, manage and check on areas of interest at any time, from any distance. 

Apprized with Real-Time Notifications

Delivered immediately to you via your phone, laptop or desktop are immediate alerts that keep you on top of activity in and around your facility. You’ll never be left wondering, instead you will be monitoring, and controlling features remotely, wherever you are, with confidence. 

Multi-Locale & Update Compatibility

In the case of multiple facilities utilizing the same security system, we can network them for you with ease, allowing you to change focus on locations rapidly while employing the same user-friendly interface for each. Login is easy, and our representatives are a call away to assist when needed. 

If you have a system already in use, but would like an upgrade without springing for something entirely new, it’s no problem. By simply contracting our select certified team of professionals, we can take over your existing set-up to provide superior monitoring – at an almost guaranteed lower cost! Find out how much you stand to save by calling now!

Also, we may be able to integrate your existing system with up-to-date technology, providing the latest in security safety without the cost of implementing an all-new system that will essentially perform the same tasks – again, simply call for more info on these cost-saving measures.

Monitored Solutions for Commercial Security

You know us! We started our Security business in the New Orleans area and have remained here. This is our home. Our aspirations are NOT to grow beyond it but to serve MORE of it. We understand and appreciate how important commercial enterprises are to the prosperity – the economy – of the community. We welcome you to rate us against our competitors (in fact, check out our reviews page, here).

We have worked very hard to establish a trusted presence in the area. You’re our neighbors, after all, and we look out for each other.

We Work With You – ABC

Call us now with any questions about monitored solutions for commercial security. We have answers! 

We won’t let you remain uncertain about anything –