Make Thanksgiving Dinner Easier with Smart Home Solutions

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Make Thanksgiving Dinner Easier with Smart Home Solutions

It is time to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner or traveling for it, there are many different things you need to keep track of. Learn more here on how you can simplify this Thanksgiving dinner with smart home solutions from ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm.


Greet Your Dinner Guests

When your guests arrive earlier than expected you may have your hands full with last-minute dinner preparations. With smart home solutions, there is no need to drop everything you are doing to answer the door. When your guests ring your video doorbell, you can greet them with the two-way voice feature and unlock your smart lock to let them in the door without having to leave the kitchen.


Be Proactive Against Kitchen Fires

Cooking fires are too common of a tragedy on Thanksgiving. Our life-saving heat and smoke detectors do not just beep to alert you of smoke, they proactively alert the monitoring station, which dispatches your local fire department. If you do not have monitored smoke detectors installed yet, now is a good time to add them to your smart home security system.


Lock Up After Heading Out

Going to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving dinner? You probably have a lot going on while trying to get out of the door. If you cannot remember if you locked the door, set the alarm, or close the garage door, there is no need to turn around and make your family late for dinner. You can easily check on your app and secure your home from wherever you are. With geo-services,  you can set arming reminders for when your phone gets outside a certain radius of your home to get alerts when you forget.


If you are interested in smart home solutions that can make your life easier, contact us to schedule a visit with one of our security consultants for a free quote.