Home Security Tips for the Holidays

Home Security Tips for the Holidays

(part two)

We are continuing our series on home security tips for the holidays.  It is important to make sure your residential security system is up to date and that you have signed up for alarm monitoring.  Indoor and outdoor security cameras also serve as a deterrent for criminals.  As a premier security system installer, ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm will develop a customized residential security system designed to keep you and your family safe. As we mentioned in our previous article, there are other strategies you can use in addition to alarm systems to help prevent your home and family from being a target.

Break Down Large Boxes for Garbage Pickup

When you receive or purchase a high-ticket item, try to avoid setting the box out at the curb for garbage pickup.  Security cameras have caught burglars targeting homes they know have high-ticket items, so consider breaking down that box for your new 75” flat-screen television and placing it in your garbage can.

Avoid Leaving Gifts in Plain Site

If you have an area where you wrap or collect gifts, be sure to keep your blinds and windows closed so potential burglars cannot see inside.

Be Mindful of What You Post on Social Media

Posting that you are on vacation or away from home on social media is almost like putting a sign in your front yard that says, “nobody is home”. If you want to post-holiday or vacation pictures, consider waiting until after you return home.

When evaluating security system companies, know that ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm is different from most.  We do not offer “cookie-cutter” residential security system solutions.  Instead, we customize services to fit your needs.  Some clients want security cameras and smart home automation.  Others prefer simple alarm systems with alarm monitoring.  Whatever you need, we can help!  We can even set up alarm monitoring with your existing equipment.  Give us a call to schedule your residential security system consultation today.