Holiday Home Security Tips

Holiday Home Security Tips

(part one)

ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm is different from most security system companies and we are committed to providing you with information to help prevent you and your family from becoming victims.

Each time we install a residential alarm system, it is our hope that you will never need it for burglary or fire. Sadly, the holidays are a prime time for thieves.  It is important to subscribe to alarm monitoring and regularly test your security cameras and residential security system.  Alarm systems alone will not deter criminals, but there are a few things you can do to decrease your chances of becoming a victim. Our next series of articles will discuss holiday home security tips.

Make It Look Like Someone is Home

Always do your best to make it look like someone is home.  Smart home automation allows you to control your lights so your house can appear to have activity inside even when no one is home.

Let Them Know You Are Watching

As a security alarm installer, we recommend placing some security cameras in plain sight.  This can act as a deterrent and lets potential burglars know you are watching.

Don’t Leave Packages on Your Doorstep

Packages on your doorstep make you a target. We’ve all seen news reports featuring video from security cameras of porch pirates stealing packages from doorsteps. Not only are packages left at your front door fair game for thieves, but it is also a clue that no one is home.  If you are not going to be home when a package is delivered, consider asking a neighbor to pick it up for you or leaving instructions for the carrier to set it where it is not in plain site or able to be seen from the street.

Whether you need a new residential security system or have an existing system, ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm can help.  We can upgrade old alarm systems as well.  We have been the trusted residential alarm company in New Orleans and surrounding areas for more than two decades.  Not all security system companies are equal. We don’t want to just make a sale; we want to earn your long-term business. Give us a call to schedule your complimentary residential security system consultation today.