Smart Home Solutions 101: Intro to Smart Homes

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Have you heard of smart home devices but are not exactly sure of what they are or how they work? While smart home solutions may sound complicated, it is designed to make your life easier.  Here are the basics of smart home solutions:

Types of Smart Home Devices

Smart locks allow you to control access to your home. Once the smart lock is connected to the smart home security system, you now can remotely access your lock to lock or unlock your doors from anywhere.

Smart lighting allows you to remotely control your lights. Turn them on or off, dim them, and brighten them. You can also create schedules or scenes to turn your lights on at certain times or certain situations.

Smart thermostats provide you with the convenience of controlling the temperature in your home from anywhere. Have your thermostat automatically change temperature when the system is armed away or shut off if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected to limit the circulation of fumes.

Smart garage door control lets you open and close your garage door from anywhere. Get notifications when your garage is left open and close it right from your phone.

How Home Automation Works

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are common ways to connect devices, including smart home devices. Z-Wave is another form of connectivity. Smart devices connect to a Z-Wave hub, which then allows signals to connect from one device to another, without each device needing to be connected to the Wi-Fi network. This keeps your router from becoming overburdened and your devices from losing their signal.

Reasons to Get a Home Automation System

Comfort – With smart home solutions, your home can always be where you feel most comfortable. You can adjust lighting based on time of day or automate your thermostat, so it is always set to your ideal temperature according to your schedule.

Control – With a smart home, you can control devices around your home from the same room or from across the country, all from one app. You can also grant access to your home from wherever you are.

Security – If you forget to lock your door or close your garage door, your home could be put at risk. With home automation, your smart devices will automatically keep your home safe or notify you if you forgot to lock up.

Savings – Smart home solutions has a great return on investment. By turning off lights while not in use and automatically adjusting the temperature so you are not heating or cooling an empty home, you can save on your monthly energy bills.

If you currently have an alarm system and are looking to take the next step in protecting your home through smart home solutions, contact us to schedule a visit with one of our security consultants for a free quote.