Do I Need a Doorbell Camera?

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Security Cameras

Doorbell cameras are gaining in popularity.  They are often installed as part of a smart home automation system.  Doorbell cameras, like security cameras, are becoming one of the more popular burglar alarm products on the market because they offer homeowners numerous benefits.

Motion Sensors

Just like standard security cameras, doorbell cameras are equipped with motion sensors that alert you when someone is approaching or at your door.  This “warning” gives you an opportunity to check your smarthome app and see who is outside before approaching the door.  This feature is also helpful so you can know who is at your door when you are not at home.  You can interact with the person at the door without opening it (i.e. please leave the package on the porch; there is no soliciting in this neighborhood, etc.).

Ability to Immediately Alert Police

If you get a bad feeling or sense something suspicious about the person at your door, you can immediately alert the police.  This is especially helpful for people who may be home alone and/or are monitoring their door while they are away.

Capture Activity Outside the Home

Security cameras and doorbell cameras have been very efficient and effective in capturing criminal activity in front of homes.  Whether it be a thief taking a package off the porch, or a criminal knocking down someone on a bicycle and stealing it, doorbell cameras have provided surveillance and footage to identify, arrest and convict perpetrators.

Doorbell cameras, security cameras, alarm systems, smart home automation and residential security system monitoring all work together to provide you and your family with peace of mind and ultimate home protection.  When shopping for options, not all alarm companies are equal.  ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm has been the trusted alarm company for New Orleans and surrounding areas for more than two decades.  We can customize your home alarm system to meet your specific needs.  Give us a call to schedule your complimentary in-home consultation today.