Choosing the Right Security Cameras for Your Home

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Choosing the Right Security Cameras for Your Home

Every family and their homes have different security needs. Many different types of home security cameras are made to meet different security requirements. Learn how to build custom security camera system that will fit your needs.  


Location Options

Depending on what you want to monitor will help determine where and what kind of security cameras you should put in place. Indoor cameras are best to stay in the know of what’s going on in your home. Keep an eye on your kids when they get home from school or catch a burglar in the act of the crime. To know what’s going on around your home, install outdoor cameras at all your doors and near your backyard and garage. Doorbell cameras are another type of outdoor camera that is excellent for monitoring what is going on at your front porch. With two-way voice, you can communicate with delivery drivers or visitors. Doorbell cameras are a great tool to discourage package theft as well. 

Connectivity Options

Some security cameras connect through wi-fi while others do not. One of the many benefits of having wi-fi security cameras is access to a live stream. With wi-fi cameras, you can see what is always going on at your home from your mobile app. If you do not have wi-fi access, you can install security cameras that connect directly to a DVR or microSD card. With this option, you will not have remote access to a live stream though.  

Recording and Storage Options

When you install home security cameras you should consider how you want your footage recorded. Some cameras only record motion-triggered clips while other cameras offer continuous 24/7 recording. Different home security cameras also have different types of storage options. Keep in mind whether you would like local storage to a DVR or microSD card or if you would like cloud storage. Some cameras have both storage options for footage.  


No matter what type of home security cameras you choose, you will be adding protection and value to your home. Contact us today to receive a free quote for a security camera system.