Tips for Protecting Your Packages from Porch Pirates

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Tips for Protecting Your Packages from Porch Pirates

Have you ever received a confirmation that your package has been delivered but when you check your front porch the package is nowhere to be found? As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, package theft is a problem that is following the same trend. Package theft has become so common that the criminals who steal packages have earned the nickname “Porch Pirates”. To help decrease your chances of having your packages stolen, follow these tips:


Have Your Packages Delivered to Your Work

Porch pirates take advantage of the fact that packages are often left out while homeowners are at work. This leaves hours of opportunity for your package to be stolen. If you expect that your package will be delivered on a workday, change your shipping address to your place of employment to ensure you or someone you work with receives the package.


Install Security Cameras

Having an outdoor camera system not only allows you to monitor activity around your home from wherever you are, but it can also deter “porch pirates” from striking. In the unfortunate event that you do have a package stolen, having a security camera system will help when reporting the crime.


Add a Doorbell Camera

If you are looking for a more discreet security camera option, consider adding a doorbell camera that provides notifications of activity on your front porch. Our doorbell cameras have a 1080p HD camera, motion sensors, color night vision, real-time alerts, and a two-way voice.


Require a Signature

To ensure that your package won’t be left unattended, you can require a signature for delivery. The person delivering your package will try to redeliver the next day or you may get instructions on how to pick up your package from a secure location.


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