Is It Time to Upgrade Your Business Security System?

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couple discuss to upgrade your Business Security System

When is the last time you considered to upgrade your business security system? Protecting your business has come a long way from just alarm panels and CCTV camera systems. Check out these advanced features you can add to your business’s security system. 


View and Control from Anywhere

Gone are the days where you could only control your business alarm system from the panel. With smart business security systems, you can arm and disarm your alarm system from wherever you are on your smartphone app. If you forget to arm your system, you will receive a notification allowing you to protect your business from wherever you are. You will also receive notifications when your employees arm and disarm the alarm system. With the most advanced commercial security camera systems, you can see a live view of your business from your phone. You can also access 24/7 footage on your phone or computer with no DVR required.  

Access Control with Smart Locks

There is no longer a need to make copies of keys for employees with the addition of smart locks. You can immediately grant and revoke access to your business with unique user codes for the smart locks at your business. If you have an employee that quits or gets fired, you don’t have to worry about having them turn in their keys. You can deactivate their user code immediately from wherever you are. You can also give employees access to certain areas within your business such as IT and file rooms, ensuring that your employees only have access to necessary areas.  

Automate Your Business

Smart business security systems don’t just protect your business, they also make your life as a business owner easier. With smart devices, you can automate things such as your lights and thermostat to help with energy savings. You can schedule smart lights and a smart thermostat to match your business hours to help make opening and closing easier for you and your employees. 


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