Three Ways Your Business Video Surveillance and Burglar Alarm Systems Pay for Themselves

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ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm business video surveillance

As small business owners, we make every penny count. That is the way business owners and entrepreneurs rise to the top. So when a business owner is weighing the cost versus return on investment for video surveillance systems in New Orleans, we at ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm completely understand. Commercial security systems are an investment, and all investments need careful consideration. 

While cost is always a consideration, the right commercial burglar alarm is something no NOLA business should do without, and it is an investment that will pay for itself in many ways. 

Crime is a Real Concern

Like us, you are likely concerned about the recent headlines. Crime is up in our wonderful city. Headlines such as “Rash of Break-ins Continue to Plague New Orleans Business Owners,” are dominating the headlines. This is why we are determined to provide information about how the right technologies can help prevent crime, and reduce loss. 

Commercial Security Systems and Video Surveillance Help Prevent Theft

While no single system can completely prevent theft or other crimes, it can go a long way in deterrence. Very often, just having visible security cameras is enough to stop most from committing crimes such as theft. Additionally, crime rates come down in communities where businesses and homeowners collectively increase the use of security technologies. 

Commercial security systems such as video surveillance and access control can help prevent all types of theft, including shoplifting, employee theft, and burglary. This helps the business by preventing loss and the costly damages and lost time caused by break-ins. Just one serious incident can cost far more than the investment in security technologies. 

Business Security Systems Increase Personal Safety

Generally, criminals avoid committing crimes when the likelihood of getting caught is high. Most criminals actively look for businesses that are not protected when deciding on a target. For this reason, having visible signs of video surveillance and other security technologies decreases the likelihood of an attack. Your life, and that of your employees and customers, are priceless and protecting lives is always worth the investment.

Video Surveillance Helps Prevent or Mitigate Liability Issues

Small businesses are often the target of fraud and liability claims. Even when false, these cases can be stressful and costly. When a business has visible signs of video surveillance, those who would target a business think twice before trying to perpetrate a crime. When a legitimate incident does occur, the business has a true record of the event to help mitigate losses. 

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