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At ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm, we specialize in providing affordable security systems. We understand that, like in any industry, shoppers will exercise cost-conscious behaviors and look for the best value for their money. However, there is a huge difference between affordable security systems and “cheap” ones. Here’s why working with ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm makes sense when considering the budget security systems.

We Provide Professional-Grade Technologies

It may seem like all security technologies are pretty much the same. After all, a video camera is a video camera, right? 

Uh, not so fast. 

Most people do not know that the budget solutions found in big box stores are made for big box stores. This means the products must easily conform to the parameters surrounding shipping and storing them. Often, this means that the products have to be lighter (to save on shipping) and smaller to fit on the shelf or not take up too much floor space. They are also made to fit a certain and predetermined sale price. This impacts how the products are made and the weight and quality of the materials used to make them. 

When a customer works with a professional, they get equipment made for the professional market. At ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm, we work with the products that work best when you need them most, from alarm systems and smart home technologies that can enhance security to professional monitoring. 

Professionals Provide Expertise

The second important factor that cannot be ignored is expertise. When most people think of home security, they think of residential and home security systems, not necessarily the very important science behind physical security. Home security experts understand the technologies, as well as the application of those technologies. Local security experts apply the right technologies rightly while considering the needs of the customer and their risk profile. That’s an important component of successful home security and vital to protecting a home and family. 

The bottom line? Working with a professional ensures that all security needs are met adequately and affordably. 

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